Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Terrible Twos'

It is my experience that those terrible two year olds' are just looking for some Independence. Why not put that to use by getting them to put laundry in the machine, wipe their own hands and face after meals or running quick errands for you.

Do not send them on too many helpful missions or they will be onto you quick smart and refuse to help anymore!

Do not be afraid to let your child cry or scream, expect them to use words not just grunt and point. A simple and heart felt "I can't understand you" or "I really wish I knew what you were saying, but I cant because X-Y-Z" works wonders.

Don't be afraid to discipline your children in public, I am not saying beat them to within an inch of their lives but do use quiet time, time outs or whatever discipline you use at home.

Above all else remember your child does not hate you s/he is merely growing up!!