Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Destined Goose

Since I was a little girl I've had the need to own a goose, and a pig. I do not know if this is, or was, some sort of inbuilt radar connected to my mothers fear of these animals. Although, fear, might not be the right word. She did hold some type of predjudice against these particular creatures. The geese have been here for almost 6 months. I have to admit they have completed an element of me. I often find myself having a conversation with them, laughing at them or merely standing there mesmerised, with a big dopey grin on my face. I can't wait for the day I find them a partner and cute little goslings toddle about. The paradox being that some, or most, of these offspring will go in the pot. I rationalise this to myself by thinking that I can ensure they have a kind and loving upbringing, with a quick ending. I know that some people consider this viewpoint crazy. I can recognise their argument, but in return find them a few clowns short of the circus. I've yet to get the pig, but for now, my cup is runneth over.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Finishing Touches

We proved to ourselves that it really IS the little things.

The sheep yard has been in a temporary state of partial completion for some time now. It is a job that has been at the end of the to-do list WAY too long, all for the lack of a saw that will cut metal.

I visited Bunnings on Thursday last week and bought a bow pruning saw and a hacksaw. My expectation of the pruning saw is to make cutting down trees faster and easier, an upgrade, if you will, from my trusty wood-saw. The hacksaw, oh the hacksaw, I can do many, MANY marvellous things with such a creature.

For example I could cut the gutter to the right length, or put a notch in that piece of plate metal, or a myriad of other little jobs.

I chose to cut a bolt to make a gate latch. You see the gate has been hung, the fence fixed, and a chain to latch it found, but I was missing two crucial components. The screw in eye to hang the chain from and the bolt to close the chain onto. Then the planets aligned and I happened upon a screw in eye, and I had put "just the bolt" aside from a previous project(demolishing a fence).

All was going well until I had cut about a 1/4 of the way through the bolt, and the saw blade snapped. What was going to be a 10min job suddenly morphed into an hour job, it's lucky (MY)time is free.

I managed to struggle through and finish the job. It really is nice not to have to tie the gate closed with baling twine constantly.

Today I hung the second "drafting" gate in the sheep yard, but this is another temporary fix. I hope this one isn't temporary for too long!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lambs and Little Things

Our lives have been further enriched by the arrival of a tiny, girl, lamb. Weighing in at a hefty (not) 1438g, and wearing a "0000" BONDS baby singlet, she thinks she is quite the boss.

Without further ado, let me introduce Henrietta.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Gus Factor

January 1st 2011 was an eventful day. Eventful because "The Gus" came into our lives. This is his story, thus far.

Dad was out with his trusty whipper-snipper(aka line trimmer), cleaning up the tall grass at the yard where he parks the tractors[he sells them], when he spotted a tiny little orange dot. Before he can think he reaches down and grabs a crazed bundle of fur and, lovingly, throws it into the back of his car.

We transported it home in a dirty[had just been moving ducks] cat cage. Upon arriving home we discovered it was "A BOY!!" Now to name him... Godric? Eric? Octavius? The names flew for 3 days until we settled on Gus, short for Augustus Gloop.

In that first week wee lil Gussie gained 300g, we estimate he was about 6 weeks old.

Gus isnt so little anymore, and he is quite a handful, but loves to accompany you across the paddocks.



We're Back

Almost a year ago today I made our last post. Time has flown so quickly, but we are hoping to get back to blogging everyday, or near to it.

In the last 12 months, amongst many other things, we have moved into our "fixer-upper", that has kept us busy!! Mending fences, painting inside and generally cleaning up the junk left from years[and YEARS] of being a rental property.

We have had a new roof put on, thanks goes to our builder, Neil, for doing such a great job and opening our jam-jars when we couldn't.

Unfortunately we lost our ram, Horrace, to an "unknown" disease, suspected Johnes, but turned out to be a massive overload of worms. We(including the vet) assume that they were resistant to the drench we had been using. I had hopes of having lambs this year, but that isn't looking likely.

LJ has acquired a new horse, Matilda, much fun to be had there! I, too, have a new acquisition, a 9HH pony, Kiz, who is big on mind games. Clara is going along quite well, she attended her first clinic with me in July and I was pleasantly surprised that she had NO major freak-outs... looks like we are getting somewhere.



I will try to be back tomorrow, have a good day. xx

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Terrible Twos'

It is my experience that those terrible two year olds' are just looking for some Independence. Why not put that to use by getting them to put laundry in the machine, wipe their own hands and face after meals or running quick errands for you.

Do not send them on too many helpful missions or they will be onto you quick smart and refuse to help anymore!

Do not be afraid to let your child cry or scream, expect them to use words not just grunt and point. A simple and heart felt "I can't understand you" or "I really wish I knew what you were saying, but I cant because X-Y-Z" works wonders.

Don't be afraid to discipline your children in public, I am not saying beat them to within an inch of their lives but do use quiet time, time outs or whatever discipline you use at home.

Above all else remember your child does not hate you s/he is merely growing up!!