Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I alluded to keeping some secrets a few posts ago. I think now is the correct time to reveal them.
Secret 1; Buying an animal feed/ tack store. This secret was ALMOST at the financial stage when -BAM- a few dodgy remarks were made and we decided we didn't want to enter a business that was run that way, and had the potential to fail, and fail quickly.
Secret 2; I have bought a house with LJ. Yes, we are sisters, and yes this means we will still be living together but we both feel it is the logical step for us to take. You can look forward to even more posts, once we move in, about living in and renovating a house circa 1900. The house sits on 25 acres, thus all our regular(farm based) posts will still be happening but we will have the extra dimension of value adding to a poor old broken, run down house; and land.
Secret 3; I have moved away from Tasmania. I have a position, for 6 months, as a Nanny, out the back of beyond, or half way there at least. North West, New South Wales. Care of 4 children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.
For the next six months you may have to be satisfied with posts about children and child raising. Although LJ might get on a few times and let you know what is happening on Beauty Farm, and if any developments occur at JuRoolia(the new property).

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