Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Gus Factor

January 1st 2011 was an eventful day. Eventful because "The Gus" came into our lives. This is his story, thus far.

Dad was out with his trusty whipper-snipper(aka line trimmer), cleaning up the tall grass at the yard where he parks the tractors[he sells them], when he spotted a tiny little orange dot. Before he can think he reaches down and grabs a crazed bundle of fur and, lovingly, throws it into the back of his car.

We transported it home in a dirty[had just been moving ducks] cat cage. Upon arriving home we discovered it was "A BOY!!" Now to name him... Godric? Eric? Octavius? The names flew for 3 days until we settled on Gus, short for Augustus Gloop.

In that first week wee lil Gussie gained 300g, we estimate he was about 6 weeks old.

Gus isnt so little anymore, and he is quite a handful, but loves to accompany you across the paddocks.



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