Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're Back

Almost a year ago today I made our last post. Time has flown so quickly, but we are hoping to get back to blogging everyday, or near to it.

In the last 12 months, amongst many other things, we have moved into our "fixer-upper", that has kept us busy!! Mending fences, painting inside and generally cleaning up the junk left from years[and YEARS] of being a rental property.

We have had a new roof put on, thanks goes to our builder, Neil, for doing such a great job and opening our jam-jars when we couldn't.

Unfortunately we lost our ram, Horrace, to an "unknown" disease, suspected Johnes, but turned out to be a massive overload of worms. We(including the vet) assume that they were resistant to the drench we had been using. I had hopes of having lambs this year, but that isn't looking likely.

LJ has acquired a new horse, Matilda, much fun to be had there! I, too, have a new acquisition, a 9HH pony, Kiz, who is big on mind games. Clara is going along quite well, she attended her first clinic with me in July and I was pleasantly surprised that she had NO major freak-outs... looks like we are getting somewhere.



I will try to be back tomorrow, have a good day. xx

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