Monday, March 29, 2010

Fabulous Felt

The weekend saw a lot of happenings at Beauty Farm. Dad was working on the Race Car to prepare it for racing Sunday, LJ was working and I was at a felt making workshop.

We reviewed the history of felt and its many uses, eg felt tip pen. We made our very first sample of felt, observing how it shrinks from the original size you lay it. Then we proceeded to make a scarf. I am very happy with how my scarf worked out. It's not my favourite article of clothing, but it is pretty good for a first attempt. I will let you judge for yourself. The leaf embelishments are actually designed for scrapbooking, but being creative is allowed!

Today I have been busy making another felted article(another scarf... one day I will make something more adventurous). This scarf has a weaved pattern showing through, which is from an old cotton scarf that I used as embellishment.

I am looking forward to making felt from our own lambs wool, we have almost enough carded to make a sample to see how it looks, natural, undyed fleece.

"Scarves for Sale" :)

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