Friday, March 26, 2010

Why glass doors are dangerous

Have you ever had to leave for work at 4am?

I have to admit that being out of bed that early is definitely not the sane thing to do. Although, we have never claimed LJ to be such. LJ closed the glass sliding door behind herself when she left the house for work. You see, usually the door is left open so that Chester(hound dog) can go in and out. Not when it is dark though. Any who I digress, LJ forgets something stupid like her purse, or some such, comes striding across the drive with great purpose until, B-A-M, her knee hits the glass door. In a split second she thinks "what the...?!" looks down at her knee and W-H-A-M!!! Her nose takes the entire force of a door.

Now take a second to imagine her pretty little face squashed up to the glass, just like a flat mosquito. Laugh for a while.

You have my permission to keep laughing, I surely did...

OK, now you can feel sorry for her. Just for a moment.

She says that 36 hours later her nose is still hurting like crazy and she is determined to remember, THERE IS A DOO-*BANG!#*

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