Thursday, May 27, 2010

bliss is...

Success, is bliss.

I have had a very successful week. I sold all my felted items, "finally" you may say, but to me it has reaffirmed that I am walking the correct path.

It was the kick up the bum I needed. In two days I have made 2 items. One baby blanket and one scarf. The blanket is adorable, and I don't know if I want to sell it, or not. It is made from a luxury blend of fibres; Angora rabbit, Silk, mohair, organic superfine merino, plus Angelina and glitz, to give a bit of sparkle.

Everything seems to be moving along quite nicely here. I do have a couple of secrets that I am keeping, but they will have to wait to be revealed. Spent some time with my horse, Issabow, yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised by the bond we have achieved... in fact I was so comfortable I considered riding *bliss*

I will leave you with one thought "what will be, will be."

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