Friday, May 21, 2010

click go the shears

They say home is where the heart is. To me home is where the heart sings. And my heart is a-singing.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my time away. I especially enjoyed the social aspect. Plus Sarah has a great library, I think I was reading 92% of the time!! I even held a small felting workshop and all the ladies seem pleased with the wonderful scarves they created.

Upon arriving home yesterday I was greeted by 5 escaping lambs(sheep), who then had to be juggled to another yard. In the end I "dumped" them in the narrow no-mans-land between two paddocks, it adjoins the dam so they are set for water and some yummy fresh grass.

I said a brief hello to all the GG's and gave quick scratches. Got a glimpse of the cows.

So, while away, having caught up on reading I was also introduced to two great American magazines. Grit & Mother Earth News. I think they will be highly complementary to my Australian subscriptions of Small Farms & Grass Roots.

Came across an interesting article worthy of mentioning. It suggested stripping the interior of an old car and converting it to a chook/poultry house. I LOVE this idea as it is an already secure environment with existing doors. I am now dreaming of an early model rusted out car, complete with windows and doors. I may have to settle for the '92 Toyota van that is sitting up the back rusting and being a haven for giant huntsman spiders to breed. I will be able to create a ramp for ease of entry and some decent nesting boxes. But how simple!!!!

I also had the pleasure to be gifted with a hand whittled dibber for planting my bulbs. I am looking forward to using this, infact I may use it to plant some tulips today.

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