Sunday, May 02, 2010

warm & fuzzies

As we were sitting down to dinner last night I realised that 80% of the food on my plate was produced right here on Beauty Farm. Sausages, pumpkin, potatoes, chutney. I had only bought cauliflower and carrots. Gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that you are achieving something you set out to do.

Today I did a, bad, bad thing. I bought an Alpaca fleece. Raw and unworked in any way. It is the first clip from a youngun, I am looking forward to using such a beautiful, natural, soft fleece.

Also I thought I would mention the site that taught me how to wash wool. The author, Holly Shaltz, goes into great detail. Thus it is quite long winded but after reading it in its entirety I felt equipped to knowledgeably go and clean some fleece. When I cleaned my first fleece(which was a practise fleece) I did notice a small amount of clumping and that the last batch was not as well cleaned as the first batch, I guess I became a little slack in my haste to finish. I also realised just how important it is to pick through the fleece and discard any lower grade pieces. Please visit the HJS website for the detailed instructions.

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