Saturday, May 01, 2010


If I may I would like to take you on a little, tiny, journey. Back a few weeks to a post I wrote about all the preserves we have made over summer. The post was entitled "Preserves" and you can see the entire post by clicking here.

I said a few nasty things about the oh so humble white vinegar and I would like to retract these statements, in particular the one that declared I would no longer be using said vinegar in my chutneys, pickles and other assorted preserves. We opened a jar of tomato chutney today and it was absolutely divine. It was also from the batch that I made using white vinegar. Seems that if you let it sit over time it mellows, and ages quite like a fine wine.

While I have not tested the batch that we made using the other, more fancy, vinegar I would like to think that those bottles are also sitting up there forming robust flavours, and creating a taste explosion for our toasted cheese and chutney sandwiches.

So, plain ordinary white vinegar, please accept my most humble apologies. I will not judge you at face value again.

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