Friday, April 30, 2010

the spice is right

We're rich!!


These emotions are a feeling akin to winning the lottery, or so I assume, I am so excited because we have successfully grown the worlds most expensive spice; Saffron. We were experimenting with the difficulty level, so we planted a whole 4 corms. Yes, I know, that is not enough to make a snail fart. We might not be rich yet, but maybe in a few years time if we get a decent crop.

I am actually planning on using the saffron to colour wool and possibly handmade paper. The paper may be made using either hay, or the "seed pods" of the rushes in the dam. I never realised that those funny brown lumps were full of white, floaty seeds. Similar, in fact, to those of the dandellion.

Yet, I digress.

You might be thinking that I am crazy and that is a waste of perfectly good saffron. I wholeheartedly disagree. I mean what is wrong with creating, figuratively, gold plated wool tops and paper?! Plus, it really isnt costing me anything to produce the saffron, apart from the $10 I forked over to buy the corms, well I actually convinced mum to buy them so my hip pocket is yet to feel any pain, on this adventure at least.

In addition to harvesting our bumper crop of saffron I have been busy planning for a two week vacation away from the farm. Said vacation will include showing people how to make felt, but I think this still counts as a holiday because I love felt. We are also looking forward to Agfest, which starts next Thursday. Bring on the free product samples and all the information you could ever want on almost anything farm related, and a few things not.

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