Monday, April 26, 2010

animals everywhere!

Well maybe the animals are not everywhere. A majority of them have been juggled out of the pastures this morning and into the cattle yards. There is not much room in there, but we crammed in 5 horses and 3 cows.

The reason for this seemed insanity? Poppy Mulch. It is meant to be some sort of wonder food for plants, we were supposed to get some spread last year, but it didn't happen. So 2010 is the year for another experiment. I am hoping that it works well, it might just mean that we don't have to spread as much super-phosphate... I'm all about using natural above man made. The best thing about the Poppy mulch; dad suggested it!

I am pretty sure there is no stock with holding period after spreading, but we are due for some decent rain tonight and tomorrow. So we will be leaving the animals in the cattle yards, and the "wood yard" which is also known as the diet paddock, for a day or two. It means feeding out hay, but it should give the pastures a little rest and allow the poppy mulch to get "watered in".

That is all the news on the farm front. I am considering baking another loaf, or two, of bread today. Now that I know I can, I will.

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