Thursday, April 22, 2010

my first post

So this is my first post on a blog everrrr!

I have developed a love of 'firsts'.Such as a couple of weeks ago I joined a gym and yesterday was my first day. About two weeks before that it was returning to Subway and re-learning everything in a slightly different way including learning my way around a new store, and tomorrow I am thinking that I will buy my first touch screen phone. Very excited and also quite unsure. Went to my first appointment at the Mowbray Vet with my baby(Theo cat) and loved the vet(no not literally). Baby is all vaccinated now and now happily sleeping on my bed.

OK time for my bed now night night. Yes this is how I think confusing and very busy ain't it.

P.S don't tell MD i blogged she will be shocked when she reads this :P

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