Friday, April 02, 2010

fleeces, yarns and fibers

I have become overcome, or very nearly, with fiber art hysteria!

I have even instructed LJ and mother that when they brush the horses they are to collect the horse hair. To what end I do not know, but I have heard of horse hair blankets before. I have even been entertaining the idea of keeping the hair from the cats. I know at least that would be soft, but I am not sure about the smell of said fur, whether dry or wet.

I have made a sample of Beauty Farm felt(pictured). The fibers themselves are short, the lambs were shorn young, which makes the felt a bit lumpy and bumpy. It is very, very soft and I am very happy with the potential of all future wool clips and products.

Today I am going to start, either knitting or crocheting, a pair of inside booties, sort of like knitted uggs!! Then I am going to look into learning, I mean really LEARNING, how to knit. I want to make leg warmers and socks.

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