Saturday, April 24, 2010

report card

My official taste testers have returned from an interstate trip, I can now officially report the findings on two of my kitchen experiments.

Experiment One- Green Tomato Jam. Taste Tested and given the seal of approval."It looks like fig jam", "Does it have ginger in it?", "It tastes like fig jam" are a few of the comments and questions thrown my way. It has now been given its own space in the pantry, I am sending a bottle to the lady who gave me the tomatoes, just for an extra test.

Experiment Two- Strawberry Liqueur. Even though it is not ready I will have to admit that LJ and I both tried a bit as we strained the strawberry pulp. Delicious. I cant wait for it to age and be ready for drinking.

Experiment Three- Bread. SUCCESS!!! Proved well(in the hot water heater cupboard), knocked it down and it rose straight back up. Baked evenly and tasted great. It didn't last long!!

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