Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kodak Moment

Haidee Lamb, with her halter on and all ready to get lead back INTO the yard.

Horses have had their feet trimmed, they are all now wearing rugs(with exception of the little girls, but they will wear them soon enough). Clara has been exploring the benefits of humans as scratching poles. She is very polite about it, but is seeking contact with people; I am impressed.

I have completed another felted project. It was meant to be a baby blanket, but is way too small. I am pleased with the way the colours work together. It may suffice as a bassinet or pram blanket/cover.

We picked another 8 pumpkins. There are now 12 curing in the window, not counting those we have already eaten! The vine still has roughly half a dozen half grown pumpkins, plus it is still flowering! I guess we will be having pumpkin soup this Winter. We have Onions, spring onions, cauliflowers and blueberries to plant in the veggie patch. Possibly some leeks and cabbages.

I have started some Hazelnut Liqueur and Strawberry liqueur. It will be just over a month until the Strawberry is ready, and the Hazelnut one will be over 2 months away. I can't wait to try them and see if they work, seems way too easy.

It is my 26th birthday tomorrow and I really do not know where the years have gone. I can't say that I mind getting older, as life has been one great adventure so far, but I would like for my life to go in the direction that I choose, rather than just falling the way fate divines. So, here's cheers to another year of happiness.

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