Thursday, April 22, 2010

kitchen experiments

I am experimenting in the kitchen today. I was given a large basket of green and partially ripened tomatoes, the lady pulled up her tomato plants as they were producing TOO MUCH. I have an old(1950's I think) CWA cookbook for preserves, one preserve that has intrigued me muchly is green tomato jam. They claim it is an imitation fig jam. I have to admit that the initial cooking of the green tomatoes smells un-appetising, sort of like that odor you get from squashed ants. I have just added the lemons(3 lemons, peel(zest) and flesh), and 2oz of grated fresh ginger.

The smell was so off putting for a start that I'm not sure that I want to taste it. But I will. If only to competently report the findings of this kitchen experiment.

My second experiment today has been quietly brewing for two days. Strawberry liqueur, I have mentioned this experiment previously. Today is the day to strain out the strawberries, then re-bottle and allow to sit another week.

The third experiment. Bread. I have tried to make bread in the past, all times have been catastrophic failures. Well maybe not quite that bad, but not good either. Cinnamon raisin bread is on the agenda today. Fingers are crossed that it turns out well.

Best be getting back to the stove, don't want to burn the jam.

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