Saturday, April 17, 2010

farm chores

We have spent today picking up some firewood, not for this Winter(which is close to starting), but for next Winter. Somehow with all that was happening last year- Mum and Dad working, I was in America and LJ was living away from home- we have not put up any wood for this year. So, while we freeze this year I will be thinking wonderful, warm, thoughts about next Winter.

Also in the process of renovating the chook house to add some nesting boxes. I am hoping for the kind that attaches to the outside of the structure with it's own little roof/lid. This will mean that we no longer have to crawl through the poop to get eggs, if the chooks get the memo to lay in the boxes!!

I am missing my camera like crazy. It feels like we just don't talk like we used to. I have not been entirely satisfied with a photo I have taken for quite some time, at least the last 3 months. To make matters worse LJ has decided to play with my Nikon. I feel like Nik is cheating on me, essentially sleeping with another woman. I think it is well past time for some dedicated 1-0n-1 time, aiming to use the 24-70mm lens. Hopefully I will have something artistic to share within the next few days.

Felting tomorrow, along with continued improvements to chook house Shangri-La. Maybe some pumpkin picking too.

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